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About Marilyn Tokach

Marilyn Tokach, is a professional animal communicator, trainer and behavior specialist. She is a compassionate medium, healer and teacher, helping to empower both animals and their human guardians bring mutual understanding and harmony into their lives.

Marilyn's work is enhanced by her extensive corporate experience in human resources management, bringing forth skills in interviewing, training, development, coaching and conflict resolution. A bachelors degree in psychology and masters studies in business compliment her understanding of both human and animal motivation, behavior and learning theories, all of which is helpful for teaching people how to encourage appropriate actions from their animal companions.

Active in rescue and animal related causes, Marilyn has trained animals for 20+ years and participates with her own dogs in obedience, conformation, agility and Schutzhund. Marilyn currently shares her home with a menagerie of animal companions, including dogs, birds, fish and a cat.

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"Let the Trainer examine himself when the dog makes a mistake or does not understand the exercise.... or fails in obedience and let him ask,

Where am I at fault?"

Max von Stephanitz "The German Shepherd Dog in Work and Picture" ....1923

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